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When I was just starting as a UX Designer, I often want to have everything planned out on every project so that I know everything I need before I even start the project. I was like a fortune-teller, trying to tell people that I will do A to Z without knowing the things that might happen along the way.

But, how would I ever know? How can I give better estimates to the people I’m working with? I don’t have any idea so I just kept on doing that, hoping that everything will work out just fine. Until I learned about agile, which means being able to move quickly. There are different ways to apply agile to everything that you do and one of them is Scrum. It is an agile process framework specifically designed for software development projects. So you start with the end goal or the vision of the project, then you split it up into small project increments called sprints. It helps you to create something viable in just a few weeks, present it to stakeholders or customers and get feedback for iterations. So you are now shaping the end vision of the whole project based on feedback from people who will actually use it. Anyway, I think that’s enough for the agile thing, you can read more about it at

So, what I mean with stopping the plan, is actually to stop the guesswork or the long term plans. It is also something that pushes me to procrastinate because of being overwhelmed with how big the project is. If you will just start doing small increments of your goals, whether it is for a company, a project, financial plans, family plans or any other life goals, I encourage you to do one small thing at a time. Instead of doing a twelve-week project, you can do twelve one-week projects. Stop planning and start doing the work.

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