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Today, I wanna tell you about a very wonderful news! I’m so excited about this because I just uploaded my first UI Design workflow video in youtube. My main goal of doing this video is to educate/inspire my fellow designers on how I’m doing my designs. I’m planning to include creating videos in my schedule and in that way, I can help more designers in the field of UI Designs.

While working on this design video, there are several things that I learned. This might help other designers who are planning to create a video tutorial as well. So, here they are:

  1. I always feel like that I’m running out of time but in the end, your editing skills will help you in fixing those idle times and errors. Next time, I will need to take it slowly but surely.
  2. Before working on the design, plan everything, set the images that you will use, plugins, fonts and etc. Though it’s fine to undergo with thinking process while working on the video, it’s still a must if you have an overall plan of what’s going to happen.
  3.  To have other monitor/screen to display your notes, references, and other mediums that can help you to avoid idle times is a good technique.

This list is pretty small but I guess while I’m on the process of doing other videos, I can produce more content to help other designers.

I also want to ask for your support by subscribing to my youtube channel.

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