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I’ve been thinking of ways how can I make a difference and do something I know that matters to people. I worked as Freelance UX Designer for a few years and did several projects for clients from different parts of the world. I target to finish projects as soon as possible, get paid and work with the next client. Doing that, I thought I’m already doing something great but I just realized that I was just chasing money for my survival. I knew that my design services is good enough for my clients but I feel that I am missing something. I feel that I am not part of something important, I feel that no one will notice even if I stopped freelancing and I feel that I’m not creating a dent in the universe.

This is what I learned, good is the enemy of great. I was settled doing good on designing for ventures of other people but not great on pursuing my mission of using design as a solution for real-world problems. I knew I need to do something.

Right now, I am in a perfect situation where I can expand my knowledge while working with people who are way ahead of my skills. So while I’m in the process of improving myself, I decided to build the Design Process Community. I want other people to grow as I grow. I can’t solve real-world problems through design alone, so I am taking other people with me to become better designers.

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