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One of the responsibilities of designing UX at Voltex Electrical Accessories is to bring out valuable information from your cross-functional team because they are more knowledgeable about their specializations such as sales, marketing, customer service and other parts of the business. And, leadership is a core skill that a designer must have to make the team comfortable in collaborating and sharing their ideas.

I believe that “The best way to learn is to teach”. So I created the Design Process Community, which aims to help designers like me become leaders. I know that my leadership skill is still in development so what I am doing now is to get in touch with design leaders and influencers, get their thoughts and share it through the Leaders Book of the community. And now, I am also starting this blog page of the Design process Community to post anything about my thoughts and experiences during my design leadership journey. Allow me to share my updates with you because I can see this as an opportunity for me to be more committed and responsible for my growth. I am just like you, a designer who wants to create a positive impact on the organizations we belong to. So come and take this journey with me, let us learn and share how to become a leader.

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