This is one of the mistakes that most small business owners commit. Even they do not sell their products online, they only have few employees, and their target customers are just nearby, these business owners think that they do not need a professional looking website. We all know that business needs investment, and I will tell you right now, your website is one of your biggest investment and it’s game changer without risk.

This is the best chance for your potential customers, business partners and even investors to find and know about your business in short period of time.

You don’t have to deal with all potential customers because people are already using the internet and so, you can give them a better customer service by offering knowledge about your business 24/7. For an instance that your customers have inquiries about your business, they just have to enter their message on your contact form and you’ll easily receive what they need from you.

It saves time because your brand will spread to your potential customers faster. Compared from printed ads, you have to wait for their process from designing up to publishing of materials. Distributing them is quite slow as well.

To have a website will save you money on advertising your small business. I’m sure that before you run your business, you already have a plan on how are you going to scale your business, and with that, you’re gonna need to spend money to advertise your business. Do you know that you can already run a website for as little as $4/month? That’s already a decent budget compared to newspaper and radio ads which has lesser potential on getting leads. People who uses internet is more than the people who reads the newspaper or listen to radio nowadays. I guess, as a business owner, you would like to pay for more than for less right? So choose to create website.

To create good impact at the first glance of potential customers is one of the main goals of having a website so it should be professional-looking website. And if you have limited budget for your website, you can try outsourcing from freelance websites like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and etc. There are people who will be willing to work on your website on the range of your budget. You can also try doing it by yourself because creating websites now is really easy using CMS like wordpress, drupal and joomla with premade templates. You will only have to edit the content and you’re ready to go. So, you don’t have any reason not to have a website.

Right now, you might be wondering on how to get your website off the ground, but don’t worry, I’m going to create a blog post about steps on creating your business website or you can directly contact me. I can educate you on how to start working on your website and I will give you advice on the next things to do.

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