As a graphic designer, we need to be motivated to be able to produce something that comes from our creativity. I believe that having the skills and talents for graphic designs is not enough but rather, we need to have a fashion, wherein we will always loved to create something from nothing. These are “direct to the point” tips to make you develop yourself as graphic designer. So, here are some tips of how can you motivate yourself as graphic designer.

1. Set Your Goals as a Graphic Designer
Aim High! Although this is a common tip, we still need to be reminded of why we started to learn graphic designs or why we set it as our path to success. It could be something about being a hobbyist, career, financial, and etc. If you will always remind yourself of the question “Why did i start graphic designing?” , it will somehow boost yourself and become motivated to what you are doing. Just always be reminded that you started graphic designing for a reason.

2. Know Your Opportunities
This tip is more on the career side, and if you know you are able to set your goals as graphic designer, you should also be knowledgeable of what kind of opportunities are waiting for you. You can keep motivated once you know what will happen to you if you do something great right now.
I will also provide a blog about what are the possible career opportunities awaits for a graphic designer.

3. Challenge Yourself as a Graphic Designer
You already have your goals, and you know what opportunities awaits for you in the corporate world and now, you have to challenge yourself in order to be motivated. You can challenge yourself to study or create anything everyday. We have 365 days in one year, this means that you will be able to create 365 things in a year. You can search challenges for graphic designer in Google or any search engine that you prefer. I will not create a list of challenges for you because once you were able to search something on your own, “Cheers!”, it is an achievement for the day.

4. Always Look For Design Inspiration
“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” This wonderful message from Pablo Picasso is one of my inspiration quotes as designer. It means that every artist were influenced by what was done before. We, graphic designers look on design inspiration not to copy the overall work of others but to grab the idea and improve it using our creativity. If you will always find time to check the designs of others, the effect will be the same as reading a book. The design will be stored in your mind, and you will be able to apply it in your own way.

Don’t let a day pass without achieving anything.

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