Graphic designing is one of the trends in the internet because it has many uses such as for businesses, freelance jobs, hobbies, and so forth. Aside from taking a graphic design course, this blog is intended to give you details on how are you going to start with graphic designs independently. Now, I’ll be discussing to you how can you get started with graphic designing.

1. Know the Basics of Graphic Designs

As a new to the world of graphic designs, you must be able to start with the fundamentals of graphic designs. The overall output of a graphic design is based on how you worked on its basic elements. You should be able to understand how are they connected to each other and how are you going to create a better combination of each elements. It is the main key to create an outstanding work in the field of graphic designs. So, here are the top 3 websites I found that offers good information about the fundamentals of graphic designs:

  1. Tuts+ 
  2. j6 Design
  3. Creative Market

2. Get your Tools and Apply the Basics

So, once you are done in studying about the basics, you can already move with the acquisition of the tools that you need.  Aside from practicing from sketches or traditional drawings, being inclined with the digital software is also a key to graphic designs since you can make it using computers. There will be no graphic designs done if you will just rely in traditional, and so, it is a must to have a digital software for graphic designs. There are lots of software to be used in graphic designs, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw, and etc. The choice of software depends on you, on where you can give the best effort and where you can work comfortably. The software that I could recommend you to use when you are starting with graphic designs is Adobe Photoshop. This software is user friendly and it is industry standard. So, if you are going to make graphic designing as a career, you should know how to use this proficiently. You can have the 30-Day trial version of it on Adobe Website. And from then, you can browse the internet for tutorials and apply the basics of graphic designs. Here are the websites that I used to browse when I started learning graphic designs:

  1. Digital Tutors
  2. Abduzeedo
  3. Tuts+

3.  Discover your Style and Develop it!

Once you are already familiar or knowledgeable with the software for graphic designs, basics, and you were able to create graphic designs. It is now the right time to discover your style, the field of graphic design where you belong and you know that you are able to be productive in. There are website designs, print designs, advertising designs, multimedia, and so forth. For an instance, you were able to produce good layouts for book covers, magazines, brochures, then I recommend you to go with the print designs. It is good that you have knowledge on different field of graphic designs but if you will focus on a specific skill, there is a big chance that you will be very good in the industry. To develop your skills, you can work as freelancer, read or watch tutorials, and you can also work for free for some of your friends. Just never stop practicing and keep your style improving.

4.  Widen your knowledge, and share it!

When you’ve succeeded in developing your own style in graphic designs, it is the time that you can widen your knowledge to different kinds of designs such as corporate branding, motion graphics(animations), UI/UX Designs, and so forth. You don’t need to rush. Every field of designs require a better understanding of it in order to be very good on it. You can also join different contests, community forums, and apply for career jobs to be able to widen your knowledge as graphic designers. Here are some websites that offers contests, online courses, community forums and online jobs for graphic designers.  
Design Course

Lastly, in order to be one of the great graphic designers, don’t ever forget to share what you learned. It is not on the rule book as graphic designers but it is an ethic which will make you a better person. Keep yourself improving and inspire others so they will be inspiration to others as well.

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