Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, I'll guide you on my place.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a specific design service and which is not listed above, can I ask you if you can do it?

Definitely yes! I do offer wide variety of services in the multimedia industry. Actually my skill set ranges from print ad designs,  illustrations, web graphics, video editing (motion graphics and simple 3D animations), basic SEO, website design, and website development. In short, you’ve got your “One-Stop Designer Buddy”

I currently have my website and I'm not sure if the current design works with my target market.

I’m here as a solution provider and I might not know your business very well but with research and detailed brief, I will be able to know what kind of design will work for your industry.

I'm a designer but I think I'm not good enough to do stuffs you can provide?

I would really love to help and guide you with your path. Shoot me an email and we can discuss about it.

Can I hire you to work as a full-time designer on my company?

This will depend on my availability so I don’t have an answer for it yet. In case that I will not be available for full-time work, you might be interested collaborating with me on project based contracts.

I own a small business/startup and I'm in need of a long-term designer. Will you be able to handle heavy amount of work for my business?

It will depend on my availability. But here’s the good news, I got a lot of very good designers in my network and I’ve been working with them in creating awesome stuffs. Send me a message and let’s get this started.

I want a web/mobile app to be done from scratch to launch. Will you be able to work on it?

Yes, although I’m focusing more on UI/UX design, I do have my network to work with me on the entire process of the development of the application you wish to be done. I also like working with innovative people like you. Let’s get this started and send me an email.

Is your question not listed on the FAQs section?

Shoot me an email