It’s a challenge for us, designers, to win projects from freelancing platform but once you were chosen to do a project, your main task is to keep your client happy about the progress until the turnover of the project. And so, how? With my years of experience working with different people in design industry, I learned how they really feel while working with specific projects. Here are some points that will help you to have a better engagement with your clients.

1. Be realistic and transparent

You don’t have to offer unreliable actions just to catch the attention of your client. Most clients would like to know processes in a more detailed manner. A good example of this is in my previous experience, I have a client who asked me to have a skype call but I honestly do not really want to do that. So what I said to my client is “I can communicate well in skype call but I would prefer to do chat only because it will help me to think a lot better without pressure and I can assure you that I will be able to explain things in chat a million times better than call”. What I’m trying to say is that, let your clients know what you can because you are not a superhero to make all things possible.

2. Most of your clients will just care about the output

Your clients will give a task to create something from their ideas. Some might need brochures, flyers, branding, web design and etc, but most of your clients do not know how are you going to create that. It’s good to tell them that you are going to use specific softwares, design styles and creative processes but what your clients really care of is about the output. I strongly recommend to tell them what will be the output of the project rather than giving them what are the tools or style that you are going to choose. For example, you can tell your clients that you are going to send them an animated gif that will work on desktop/mobile website rather than telling them that you are going to create an animation using adobe flash/after effects/html5/etc.

3. You have to take the lead

Clients are hiring people to do tasks for them, and so, they do not want someone who will ask “What should I do?”. It’s a fact that there will be a job description but with that limited description of the project, you will need to tell them what will happen to the project. You can also prepare a fill-up form from google forms to list the questions that you usually ask. In that way, your clients might recognise your professionalism with a proper work flow.

4. Communication will prove your professionalism

Daily updates/progress report is not actually required but having chitchats with them about things that might help you to improve the output will really a great advantage. Your clients would really want to have security, things that will give them the mindset of you are really an expert in your field. Responding to their messages as soon as possible will also be a good asset because they will know that you have a very good customer support service. Remember that clients are people, so they would like to chat with real people, not robot.

5. Provide free advices

On the project process, there are things that you will discover. Those things can be a pros or cons to their businesses but by giving free advices, you’re not just helping them to maximise their goals, you are creating a professional impression for your clients. It will help your relationship with your client to be stronger and letting them know that you’re not a monotonous designer.

6. Clients are fine paying the price you wanted

I have been working with different clients and what I can say is that they are ready to pay as much as you want. But there are limitations, of course the quotation should be reasonable. The key to have a very good pricing for your project is that, you should know how much you are really comfortable to work with a specific project, considering the time-framing and complexity of the project. The most critical part of your quotation will be the breakdown of the total budget, it should be consistent and detailed. Once you are able to meet these two characteristics of being consistent and detailed, then you’ll have high chances of leading the deal. Prove them why it’s worth to pay you that much. You’ll be really productive working with the most comfortable rate that you wanted, and on the other hand, your clients will be happy to receive excellent results.

Given these points, what I am trying to say is that the clients want to secure that the projects will be done according to their will. They hired you so that they can focus on their businesses or other stuffs, and so, prove that your work is worth paying for. Bring them happiness!

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